I was born in China, into a family of photographers.

I grew up in a world full of images. My father passed on this passion to me. An infinite space to imagine and discover life.

In the 2000s I opened a photo studio with my brother in the city of Jinan. My love for photography, especially portraits, has been growing steadily.

In 2015 I discovered France and literally fell in love with it, my second life.

My photographic eye is awake to this new world that is opening up to me.

My work as a photographer is above all humanistic. Behind each image is a story, the story of these men and women marked by time, daily life, hopes and beliefs.

Photographing these faces filled with so much emotion was a real privilege. A work of memory through the eyes of these people whose destiny I crossed for a brief moment and who have marked me forever.

I thank the people and places I have photographed. I will never forget you.