I am very happy to have won the public prize at the photography festival 2023 organized by the cities pass COP.
A big thank you to all the voters and the organizing cities.


In December 2019, during a trip in Yunnan in the southwest of ChinaI was able to share many moments of life with the inhabitants of this region, the simplicity and kindness of the people I met touched me deeply.

My work as a photographer is above all humanistic.             

Behind each image is a story, the story of these men and women marked by time, daily life, hopes and beliefs.

To photograph these faces filled with so much emotion was a real privilege. A work of memory through the eyes of these people whose destiny I crossed for a brief moment and who marked me forever.

I will never forget them.


"paths from elsewhere"

"Paths from elsewhere" is an opportunity to meet the other person or at least to discover where they have been.

This relationship with the other shapes our introspection to the point of drawing our own path towards an inner elsewhere or the emergence of a new personal or even collective adventure.

Through their lenses and their artistic perception, our guest artists present an elsewhere captured spontaneously in the instant of a photographic trigger.

A personal inspiration for a shared discovery.


Photo exhibition


"The most beautiful images are wordless expressions where life blooms .


Album release "Michel Korb chante Francis Lemarque " on February 1, 2019.